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I grew up in the beautiful hill-top village of Bandipur. I have worked for many years as a Lead Guide both with Intrepid Travel and Himalayan Encounters before I decided to become independent guide in the Annapurna region and locally in Bandipur.Over the years I have learnt so much about the mountains, first-aid, nature, local culture, weather, food, hygiene and client handling. Safety is my first priority. I have advanced first aid training whilst working with Intrepid Travel and I received more training from Red Cross. I would be happy to lead you if you are a group, a couple or a solo traveller. Whether you have 1 days or 3 weeks. Together we can tailor your trip to suit your wishes. And I can adapt to your needs and abilities as we go. I can arrange permits, porters, transportation, accommodation, food and I can help you with equipment before we leave in Pokhara.

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